National BibleGenius Competition

National BibleGenius Competition National BibleGenius Competition

National BibleGenius Competition

BibleGenius is ACM’s own Bible Study portal, with a wealth of Bible Study resources for children, teens and adults. The BibleGenius competition tests learner’s knowledge of the Bible, key facts and important understandings. This is a worldwide competition.


What is the National BibleGenius Competition?
The National BibleGenius Competition is a fun, online competition to test students’ knowledge of key concepts and learning from their study on the BibleGenius platform.
Any BibleGenius users may compete.
The National BibleGenius Competition will take place online at
Registration for the BibleGenius competition will be held in late 2022.
The first BibleGenius competition will take place in the Spring of 2023.
Yes, preparation materials are available on With your registration for the competition, you’ll receive two weeks free access to
Yes, there is a $79 registration fee for schools that are not already subscribers to
The winner is determined by the highest score and time required to complete the assessment.
We will announce the winner via email approximately two weeks after the competition ends.


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